A leading oral education center where children with hearing loss enroll to learn to listen and talk transforms it board of directors to achieve dramatic gains in annual gift and grant support.

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$4.168M raised to operate classroom instruction for pre-school and primary grade children with hearing loss to learn to communicate using listening and spoken language. Services provided include board development, annual giving campaign managemnt, grant writing, strategic planning, and special event management.

"John helped us think about and approach fundraising differently. This change dramatically improved results. Instead of focusing on our 'needs,' we increased our financial support by demonstrating the results achieved."
Jack Y. Perry
Partner, Taft Law

Northern Voices

Northern Voices teaches young children with hearing loss who have cochlear implants to communicate using listening and spoken language. Through early individualized intervention and experience, the school provides all of its students with the skills they need to be fully integrated into mainstream school settings as early as possible.