This U.S. based charity operating multiple orphanages in Haiti raised capital gifts to serve nearly 100 additional children with a fourth home in Port-au-Prince.

Fundraising Results


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grant writing

$1.647M raised to purchase a new building for the orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and launch a microgrant program to help women without financial support start cottage businesses.  Services included major gifts, grant writing, strategic planning, and financial management of international capital asset transfer.

“Not only did John come here (Haiti) to negotiate the purchase of an additional building in Port-au-Prince to meet the needs of the growing number of orphaned children, but he helped us find and engage the special donors whose gifts made that building a home for so many kids in need of a safe place.”
Executive Director

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NW Family Service Center

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$12.2M raised in 3-year capital campaign. Project services included capital campaign management, strategic planning, leadership gifts, grant writing, legislative lobbying, and

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youthrive, Inc

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$6.392M raised to expand out of school time programs using a service-learning model featuring Nobel Laureates to engage youth and improve academic achievement.  Services provided include

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